Sponsor a Senior! One Time Send

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Many seniors today either don't have family or are disconnected from loved ones. Every senior should feel loved and special! Knowing someone is thinking about them will mean so much and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

Our Love From One Seniors Sponsor a Senior box is filled with carefully thought out and hand chosen items geared specifically towards elderly family members or friends. Items will include treats to enjoy, personal care, home use or decor, and activities. You have the opportunity to provide a note to include with each box. Should you choose to include a note, once your order is complete, you will receive an email link to personalize your gift box. You may also choose Personalize under the Order link on the main webpage. 

Simply use your shipping address for the order form, and we will match your order with a senior in need. Boxes will ship in approximately 10 business days from the order date.